28oz + 12oz Resteel x Hydraflow Insulated Pod

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Color: Earthy Bark
Introducing Resteel X Hydraflow's groundbreaking stainless steel 28oz + 12oz Insulated Pod—an embodiment of eco-conscious innovation for sustainable dining on the go. Crafted with a commitment to environmental harmony, our Insulated Pods feature a durable handle seamlessly integrated into nature's design. Each pod boasts a built-in storage space for the eco-friendly, collapsible spoon, reflecting our dedication to minimizing environmental impact. Ranging from 28 oz to 20 oz and combinations like 28 oz + 12 oz or 20 oz + 12 oz, these Insulated Pods offer versatile sizing options. Elevate your daily dining experience with Resteel X Hydraflow's eco-conscious Insulated Pods—crafted for life on the go and to foster a symbiotic connection with nature.





28oz + 12oz Resteel x Hydraflow Insulated Pod


4.18"D x 9.25"H


1lb 7oz

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