28oz + 12oz Insulated Pod

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Color: Black
Introducing Hydraflow's cutting-edge stainless steel 28 oz  + 12oz. Insulated Pod—a durable, leakproof container designed for lunches on the move. Discover ultimate convenience with Hydraflow's Insulated Pods, featuring a durable handle that makes it easy to carry your meals on the go. Each pod comes equipped with an integrated storage space for the included portable, foldable spoon. Not only do you get a variety of sizes for your on-the-go meals (28 oz, 20 oz, 28 oz + 12 oz, and 20 oz + 12 oz), but each pod also ensures you're always ready to savor your food with the handy spoon securely stowed. Elevate your daily experience with Hydraflow's Insulated Pods—perfect for life on the go and ready for adventure.



28oz + 12oz Insulated Pod Sale price$34.00

28oz + 12oz Insulated Pod


4.18"D x 9.25"H


1lb 7oz

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