Hydra Capri


Capri Tumbler

Our Capri Tumbler come in several different sizes, 20oz, 30oz, 40oz, and 50oz.

  • Removable Silicon Tip
  • Stainless Steel Straw
  • Wide Mouth for Ice Cubes
  • Food Grade Steel
  • Triple Wall Vacuum Sealed Insulated With Copper Lining

Fashion Forward

HydraFlow's philosophy revolves around crafting bottles that not only serve their purpose but also make a style statement. Whether you're headed to the gym, office, or the great outdoors, a HydraFlow bottle doesn't just hydrate; it accessorizes your personality. Their extensive range of colors and designs allows you to express yourself uniquely.


At the heart of HydraFlow's ethos lies innovation. They consistently push boundaries to redefine what a water bottle can do. Their double-wall insulation technology ensures your beverages are always at the perfect temperature, catering to your needs no matter where you are. Every aspect of their bottles, from the wide-mouth opening to the leak-proof lid, is meticulously designed with the user in mind.


HydraFlow understands the weight of responsibility that comes with their products. Beyond creating bottles, they are committed to making a positive impact on communities and the environment. Through their giveback program, a portion of their profits supports environmental initiatives and organizations. HydraFlow envisions a more responsible and sustainable future for all.

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